Killer Chicken Adobo

Killer Chicken Adobo is the sweet and tasty version of the popular Filipino chicken dish that I have always loved. It is delicious, without a doubt. It is also simple and easy to cook. Enjoy eating this dish with your loved ones anytime of the day.

How to Cook Killer Chicken Adobo

Making this version of chicken adobo at home has never been easier. However, make sure to cook enough rice before you start. This yummy dish can increase your appetite.

Start by marinating the sliced chicken pieces with soy sauce and 1 cup lemon lime soda. Do this by combining all the ingredients in a large bowl. 30 minutes should be enough, but the longer the better.

Put the chicken on a clean plate after frying. Start sautéing garlic using the remaining oil. Brown garlic is best with adobo. For this reason, I sauté it until it starts to brown before adding the chicken back. Once the chicken is back in the pan, add remaining marinade and lemon lime soda. You can also add pepper and bay leaves. Also add vinegar and Knorr Chicken Cube once it starts boiling. The cube helps provide more flavors to the dish. So if you like your chicken adobo tasty and yummy then this is a must have.

This version of chicken adobo is somewhat dry. There should be very little to no sauce left. For this reason, we need to continue cooking on an uncovered pan until the sauce evaporates.

Have this with warm white rice. Have a great time cooking. Enjoy your meal!

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